Bamboo Systems early access program

Bamboo Systems is the first company to bring a revolution to data center servers in 40 years. 

Bamboo’s patented Parallel ARM Node Designed Architecture (PANDA) represents a revolutionary new approach to server design. This architecture is designed to deliver the high throughput modern workloads need while dramatically reducing heat production. This not only reduces total running costs for data centers but collectively can have a significantly positive outcome against climate change. 

Bamboo Systems are now building systems based on PANDA and can deliver data center servers that run:

  • Up to 95% less power at rest
  • 80% less power at run
  • In 10% of the space
  • At a much lower price point
  • Reducing the power and air-conditioning burden.

Bamboo is offering early access to our new PANDA-based servers for qualified customers.


What is the Bamboo Systems EAP?

The Bamboo Systems Early Access Program is designed to provide access and use of our products to a very select set of customers and strategic partners before the rest of the market, along with direct access to Bamboo Systems experts.

Our goal is to enable a direct feedback line of communication for learning, release adjustment, and impact on future releases, as well as feedback on overall usability and experience.

Unlike a “beta program” where a product may not be feature-complete or stable, the EAP product has successfully passed development and quality assurance criteria that deem the product ready for first customer-ship.  Additionally, the product can be purchased by participants with preferred pricing and support as well as a free upgrade when the GA product becomes available.

Why join the early access program?

  1. Early access to groundbreaking technology not available anywhere else. This isn’t just an ARM server, it is a revolution in how data center servers are designed.
  2. The ability to influence future design and capability as well as user feedback through direct feedback to the product experts.
  3. Exclusive white glove treatment where we will help you to install, setup, configure and use the system to its maximum potential.
  4. Free upgrade to the GA product which will have a faster application processor than the EAP system.
Why join EAP


  • The program is open to anyone, but we only have a limited number of EAP systems. Therefore participation will be based upon level of commitment and applicability of Bamboo Systems’ products to the requester company’s environment. We are particularly interested in:
    • Linux Deployments
    • Kubernetes and Kubernetes Spray
    • AI/ML
    • Any Micro Services based application implementation
    • Basic Infrastructure deployments, such as file shares, Web hosting, DNS servers, etc
  • The product learnings, feedback and collaboration with both parties (Bamboo Systems and program participants) are all confidential with Mutual NDA required to be in place before a system is shipped.
  • We are currently limited to applicants in North America and the European continent
  • To apply, please fill out the form below.

Register for the Bamboo Systems EAP

Questions & Answers

Q: When does this program start and finish?
A: Typically, the program starts once the product has reached the quality metrics and production readiness threshold.  The program runs between 6 and 8 weeks, depending on the volume of engagement, feedback, and any adjustments that our EAP participants provide. 

However, the first run of the EAP will start on the 30th March 2020 and run until 29th June 2020 as we ramp up production of the GA product.  

Q: Is this version of your product of high quality, or is it a beta?
A: Unlike beta programs, the platform and features available through the Bamboo Systems Early Adopter Program have gone through our extensive quality assurance processes, so you’re getting a “production-grade” product that is ready to use. However, some things, like supporting content and in-product tips, may not yet be available. These elements are added throughout the EAP. 

Q: What happens if I need support on a new feature?
A: You can request through the communication process defined in the agreement.  

Q: As part of this program, will I get to test features that won’t be included in the publicly available release?
A: Yes. For example, once you are part of the EAP, you could occasionally receive early access to features that will only be publicly available once the release is a public GA release. 

Q: How will I learn when new features are available through the program?
A: We’ll email you the same day we’ve enabled a new feature as well as share new resources and invite you to exclusive, EAP member-only webinars to learn more.  

Q: What if I don’t want to participate in a specific feature?
A: We strongly encourage you to try all new features offered, so you and your organization can access the full benefits of the EAP. However, it is not mandatory to try all new features as we are interested to find out how well the systems fits within your operating environment. We would like to know why you don’t find that feature valuable.

Q: Can I tell others about the program?
A: Yes. Feel free to share this information and link.

Q: What if I no longer want to participate in the program?
A: Simply email us at at any time.

Q: How will the free upgrade to the GA product work?
A: If you purchase one of the EAP products, then you will be given a replacement server and an agreed period of time to move the data from the EAP product to the GA product.