Launching a Revolution in Server Design Powering Net-Zero Data Centers
Servers architected to meet the demands of modern software design while delivering high density thoughput at a fractional of the electrical power and generating less heat.
Introducing Our Early Access Program​
Test the next generation in server architecture and help usher in a revolution​
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Meet Bamboo Systems

Bamboo Systems is the ARM server company using embedded systems methodologies to deliver hyperscale performance at a fraction of the power consumption of traditional servers, enabling the Net-Zero data center.

Hyperscale Performance

Bamboo Systems are the only servers designed to deliver hyperscale performance while consuming ¼ the power of today’s Intel based alternatives

Designed to Power Net Zero-Data Centers

Bamboo Systems are built using a transformative server architecture designed to enable Net-Zero data centers.

Dramatically Higher Rack Density

Bamboo servers deliver a magnitude reduction in power consumption, generating less heat which results in a dramatically higher rack density.

Architected for Today's Applications

Energy efficiency, compactness, and scalability to meet the needs of modern high-performance, scale-out workloads.

Build with Bamboo. Not just to save the planet. But because it’s a better server.