Zero Carbon 2

We’re Enabling the Zero Carbon Data Center

Reduce carbon emissions up to 74% with the B1000N. Switching one medium-sized data center to Bamboo is an annual savings equivalent to:
Reduce carbon emissions up to 74% with the B1000N. Switching one medium sized data center to Bamboo can save the equivalent of over 45,000 cars on the road annually.
Fewer Cars on the Road
Fewer Barrels of Oil Used
Fewer Passenger Flights from JFK - LHR
Fewer Home Emissions
We Didn't Just Stick

We Didn’t Just Stick an Arm Processor on an x86 Motherboard

Our Parallel Arm Node Designed Architecture optimizes the benefits of Arm to deliver THE Enterprise-class Arm Server
Launching a Revolution

Launching a Revolution in Arm Server Design

Servers architected to meet the demands of modern software design while delivering high density and high throughput at a fraction of the energy consumption and with less heat.
Announcing the Bamboo B1000N Series

The Bamboo B1000N Series: Power Up Your Applications While Powering Down Your Data Center

Saves up to 50% of the cost while using 25% of the energy consumption and 20% of the rack space of legacy servers
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What We Do

Bamboo Systems is the Arm server company using patented technology to deliver high throughput computing using a fraction of the energy and space of traditional servers

High Throughput Computing Delivered

High Throughput Computing Delivered

Bamboo’s revolutionary PANDA architecture ensures well balanced servers by providing dedicated resources such as memory, network I/O, and storage to each Arm-based processor so each application has what it needs for maximum performance. One Bamboo blade can outperform entire competitive systems, as shown in an industry standard ElasticSearch benchmark.

Net-Zero Data Centers

Designed to Power Net-Zero Data Centers

Bamboo systems are designed to achieve unmatched  performance:energy ratio by rethinking what is actually needed in a server and making sure that all components run optimally rather than sitting idle waiting on well known bottlenecks. This means our servers are optimally efficient.

Higher Rack Density

Dramatically Higher Rack Density

Bamboo servers deliver a magnitude reduction in power consumption, generating less heat which results in a dramatically higher rack density. Our systems can save up to 80% of rack space for an equivalent workload, with the B1000N delivering up to 8 servers in just 1U.

Built for Modern Software Applications

Today’s workloads such as AI/ML and Kubernetes are micro-services based and highly parallel, needing underlying compute architecture that supports this design. Our revolutionary architecture delivers the performance and linear scalability needed for today’s applications ensuring they get the resources required for industry leading throughput.

What’s Being Said About Bamboo


“Bamboo’s servers are ideally suited for important emerging workloads such as edge computing, containerized microservices, and more.”

Sam Fuller, Director, NXP Semiconductors

Climb Channel Solutions

“It is easy to see the value proposition that Bamboo Systems is bringing to the data center…They are truly state-of-the-art.”

Dale Foster, CEO, Climb Channel Solutions


“Organizations find themselves with over-provisioned systems bringing the negative effects of shared resource conflicts and ever-increasing costs. Bamboo’s powerful, cutting edge servers directly address this.”

Dr. Atai Ziv, CEO, SolidRun

What’s New

Awards and Recognitions


Build with Bamboo. Not just to save the planet. But because it’s a better server.